APAX Sport – 30sec Brand Lifstyle Info edit

Bright Horizons -Discovery Driven Learning
20s edit with 2d animation and SFX

Ship Sticks Golf Channel – TV Campaign

 SaintNine UPro Mental Mates: Pitch

National TV Spot featuring the voice of Charlie Rymer
Concept, director, edit, CGi animation

Super Stroke Grips

Hasbro Toys

Transformers – Storyboards / Animatic

THasbro Toys needed a way to visualize the possabilites of developing a new automated transforming Optimus Prime – Transformer toyline. We created a story and animatic that transformed you into a new world of possabilities.

April9, 2021 
“Hasbro’s new $700 Optimus Prime toy can finally transform all on its own”
“Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Robot – Collector’s Edition”

Super Stroke Grips – CGi – Concept and Animation

CGi Animation

DC Comics / Batman / Campell’s Soup

2D / 3D Animation



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