Every brand, product or idea has an origin story. One that makes YOURS unique.

Leverage your passion project by telling your story to the world.

Everyone REMEMBERS a good story.  What's yours?


Drunk Singer

Logan-Afyouni was headed home and was stopped by a drunk man (Clark Chamberlin) who insisted to be taught a song.


Drawings by Tom LaBaff



Life Lessons from an Ad Man

Whiteboard animation of a Ted Talk that promotes the value of creativity.

Point 5 Group

Speaker: Rory Sutherland

Animation: Tom LaBaff



Maureen Dowd - I Hate Christmas

Promotional piece for The Illustration House

Script credit: Maureen Dowd, The New York Times

Voice: Mark Alan Morris



Oh No - We Gonna Rock Down to Electric Avenue

How Vero Beach got themselves into the electric business.

Voice: Larry Reisman

Production: Tom LaBaff




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